Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cabins private?

At Big Rock Cabins, Privacy means that you will not see us or anyone else while you are at your secluded cabin site.
“Private Area” signs are posted where driveways enter cabin areas.
Caution!…Deer can’t read!

What is the difference between the cabins?

While each cabin is unique with its own theme and feel, the Glen Erin Cabin and Big Rock Cabin both have a loft bedroom floor-plan.

Gobbler’s Knob Cabin and Back Forty Cabin are our Premium Cabins and have a single-floor plan with a pedestal bedroom.

All of our cabins feature artisan-crafted fixtures, private drive to the front door, hot tubs, and large windows to bring the tranquil surroundings inside!

Everyone has their favorite but you really can’t go wrong reserving ANY of our cabins.

Do you allow pets?

We love our pets and would most likely love yours too, but we cannot allow them to visit.

Is the online availability calendar correct?

The online availability calendar is kept up up to date by the minute. We suggest that you make your reservations online as soon as you decide to visit since the cabins are first-come-first-served.  We do process reservations in the order that they are received by date and time.

Can we”hold” a cabin reservation until we decide for sure?

Since we mark your dates off of our availability calendar when you reserve them, full payment is required to secure a cabin reservation….Just make the leap…You won’t be sorry!

Why can’t we bring our children?

Big Rock Cabins and the unique experience of visiting this property are for the enjoyment of adult couples only.

How far away is civilization from Big Rock?

Not far enough as far as we are concerned!
The fun little town of Jackson is only 15 min. away.  Jackson has Markets, Restaurants, Theater, and Micro-Brewery.  Arch & Eddie’s Gathering House is a Fantastic Bar-Restaurant in Jackson.

Is firewood available for the fire ring?

You are welcome to burn any wood in the fire pit that is lying on the forest floor or you may bring your own.  We also have good firewood and fire-starters for sale at each cabin.  ($1ea.)

Will we have cell service?

Most phones will work all of the way here and anywhere on the property.  Rarely, you may have to go outdoors or walk uphill to get service.  All carriers have 5 bars on top of the outcroppings. You are welcome to leave our phone number with family, sitters, etc. for emergency purposes.

Do we need four wheel drive?

Any vehicle will be fine to get you to your cabin in most conditions.  In winter, snow or ice may require that we transport you to and from your cabin.  HEY…there are worse things in life than being snowed-in at Big Rock…We’ll even bring you supplies!

Can we ride dirt bikes or ATVs on the trails?

Except for maintenance purposes by us, motorized vehicles are not permitted on the Big Rock trail system.

Is there WiFi?

Yes! Internet has finally come to our neck of the woods :-) FREE Wifi is now available at all cabins!

Is there any TV reception at the cabins?

The monitors in the cabins are for watching DVDs.  While there is no TV reception, there are over 50 movies in each cabin to watch(not all chick-flicks…we promise) and you can certainly bring your own.  Besides…You will be returning to your “regularly scheduled programming” soon enough!

Where can we go to watch the “big game”?

There are a few nearby places to watch the game.  LaRosa’s Pizza in Jackson (15min. away) has a nice sports-bar area with lots of screens.

What do we need to bring?

All you really need to bring is food and clothes…technically, you don’t need those either…but you might get hungry………and going to town naked is frowned upon ;-)